Why the Demand of the Site Safety Courses are Constantly Skying?

To keep a safe construction site as well as make the employee feel comfortable at working site safety courses is much essential. Such courses are designed for supervisors, managers, business owners, constructors. The certification in this course can be very helpful towards the individuals who are going join the construction site as a supervisor or manager.

Some of the effective site safety courses currently available are:


2-Occupational Health

Let us discuss the above courses:

1- Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme:

Course duration:

1 Day

The Aim of the Course is to:

Give competitors an intro to ecological issues related to the construction site. It is intended to meet the fundamental natural learning that are essential for a safe management of the construction workplace.

Who should Attend the Course?

All Supervisor, Engineers & Site Managers.


Course Summary:

Individual who will attend the course can participate in the practical as well as theory classes. Theory, as well as practical classes, are handled by the utilization of Powerpoint presentations and DVD’S

1-Overview of environmental administration systems

2- Waste administration

3- What is environment and why it is imperative

4- Pollution anticipation and water administration

5- Good neighbor-statutory annoyance, correspondence

6- Archaeology and legacy

7- Energy and assets


Site Environmental Awareness Certification- CITB Skills Awards can be achieved by completing this proficient as well as an essential course.

Renewal of the certification:

The site environmental awareness certificate is renewable after completion of 5 years.

Course Content incorporates:

a-The importance and significance of the environment:

b- An essential comprehension of Environmental Management schemes

c- Site waste administration

d- Aversion of contamination and water administration

e- Utilization of sources and energy

f- Being a dependable foreman and a neighbor – including statutory disturbance, heritage, communications.


2- Occupational Health:

This course comprises of six half-day subjects, which supply knowledge about potential risks associated with health confronted by workers in the construction site. This course can enhance insight into occupational health factors.

This course consist of 6 essential modules:

1- The way of life:

Consider the regular way of life choices that influence the future well-being and well-being of people and their family.

2- Clamor:

Find out how the human ear functions and find steps people can take to protect their hearing.

3- Vibration Investigate:

The perils and dangers brought about by vibration from hand-held devices, in addition to how to diminish its impact.

4- Breathing:

Learn to perceive and stay away from the substances and circumstances that trigger respiratory issues.

5- Skin:

Examine the sicknesses that can cause harm to the skin along with the strategies to protect the skin.

6- Musculoskeletal diseases (MSD):

Look at the health effect brought about by injuries at the joints, spinal cord, muscles and figure out how to deal with them.

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