Why Awareness of Banking Cord Blood should Reach High in Skies?

As from the forums of online pregnancy to the customer feedback from the expected mom, one thing is getting very clear that the cord blood topic is somewhat confusing. As with the so much information, it is sometimes hard for many families for getting onto the fact that they should get more informed knowledge about the right cord blood banking.

Let’s shed some light on this misunderstood topic that how the stem cells of cord blood are used in the treatment of stem cells.


For the start, there are mainly two main types of treatment of stem cells

  • Allogeneic transplants, occur as the patient get the stem cells for the unrelated or by the related member of the family.

  • Autologous infusion or the transplants, occur when the patient uses its own stem cells for the treatment.

How does the transplant of allogeneic works?

As in the system of the body, there are cells of red blood, cells of white blood as well as platelets. These are the cells that are formed in bone marrow of person. If any problem occur in the cells production, either they are not enough, or they are not made correctly, or they fails to function in the proper manner.

There is chance that transplant of allogeneic cord blood could happen. Main examples of the diseases that are treated are the disease of sickle cell as well as leukemia of acute lymphoblastic.


Before the transplant of allogeneic get performed, the donor of stem cells should be matched with the recipient. Like the fingerprint, there are many marker that are unique in nearly all cells surfaces that are found in the body. These will enable the system of immune so as to distinguish between those cells that are present in the body and the cells that are foreign to it.

Finding the match of the recipient of donor very as close as possible is very important as it lowers the danger of the cells that are transplanted will get rejected by the immune system of recipient or the cells of donor that will attack the body of the recipient, which is called as the disease of host or graft.

With the stem cells of cord blood from the members of family, the chances of getting the match get to increase. So start banking the cord blood and secure the future of your child in the most effective manner.