How Social Media Bounce for us?

Due to the less costs and a large audience, it is very easy for a person to get carried way with the social media. Before completely believing it a person should take care of all the pros and cons related to social sites.

(I)- The marketing cost in the social media is quite less. It is judged as a very good platform of marketing a product. One get a very wide scope for marketing and advertising. They get to know a large audience at a same time and that too sitting at their very own place.

But one should have a clear idea in marketing the products and must know the strategies of marketing. If they are not aware of the skills required, then this platform can heavily add to the loss of the product or service being marketed. As the audience is more, there is more chance of criticism and failure. If the product is not marketed well then the failure of the product will be automatically marketed and that too very well.

traffic in the website
(II)- The  social sites help in increasing the traffic in the website.  They help in improving the ranking of the website in various search engines. They can help significantly in increasing the   sales of the product.

The social sites are immediate. They review the product immediately. The user needs to  be continuously attached to the social sites to answer the questions and  doubt of the customers. If there is any late in the reply, it proves to be a bad impression on the customers. A person will have to take extra resources to hep them in keeping touch with the social media. Until and unless regular monitoring is available, the social advertising is of no use. There are many users. They can ask their doubt at any time. In order to answer them the person needs to be in touch  with the social site. The suggestion that the person is providing  to the client should be meaningful and smart. If the client is not satisfied with the suggestions then it becomes very difficult to make them convince to use the products and the services.

(III)- The social site enables a person to see the growth and make the essential changes that need to be done with the product. The person has an advantage of knowing the interest of the customers and design the product similar to their needs. The person can also have the ideas regarding their competitors and their growth. So to counter their competitors the person can able to make strategies  that can lead them in the market.

active and regular social presence

The active and regular social presence is very much important. If the person is not active regularly or continuously then the benefits a person gets from the social site will be less. So the person needs to be in touch with this social world to get the benefits out of it.
These were the most common pros and cons of the social world.

No doubt the social media is the best platform for marketing but there are some cases that a person should have the knowledge and prepare their policies accordingly to get the advantages of the social world.