8 Ricochets of Social Media

Social media is the biggest platform of the date to learn, explore and business. Many eminent and wise leaders of the date have accepted it as a very big boon on the part of mankind. Here are some of the major advantages of this effective tool in the business world.


(I)- Helps to learn about the audience- if a businessman knows about his/her audience then it will be easy on their part to make their business a success. The social sites provide vital information regarding the audience such as age, gender, language spoken etc. This helps the businessman to cater their product and get an easy to target their audience.

(II)- New Customers- Many social sites allow to read the activity of the users nearby. By working on those activities, the businessman can easily target them and invite them to use their product. If someone is looking for a drink and the businessman comes to know about it, then he/she can invite the user to have a drink in their shop.

(III)- Instant Feedback- Social site provides the provision of instant feedback. The audience or the users quickly review a product. This helps the businessman to get the feedback and plan their actions accordingly. If some changes needed then the businessman can make them easily and if the product reviews are good then the businessman can try and improve the product more.

(IV)- Market Intelligence- The social site provides the ideas and key information about the existing competitors in the market. This helps in improving the market intelligence. The businessman can then plan his activities, evolve strategies and implement them accordingly so that they can move ahead of their competitors.

(V)- Improves ranking- The social sites have played a very important role in the past years to improve the ranking of the website of a company in search engines and increase traffic in the website. It directs people to the company’s website. The reviews and suggestions help in improving the ranking in the social sites.


(VI)- Relationship- A businessman can create a healthy and nice relationship with their customers by the help of social sites. There are many offers and game which are provided in the social site and which can entertain the users. The kind of dialogue that exists between the customer and the businessman can never exist in traditional marketing.

(VII)- Brand’s loyalty- Brands involved in the social site have higher brand loyalty. It helps in improving the customer and the brand. Many researchers in this field have proposed that every brand should utilize the social sites, it helps in improving the loyalty and increase the faith in that brand.

(VIII)- Recruitment- Brands which have used the social sites for the purpose of posting vacancies have been really benefited and got clients those are really talented.

Social media is a very effective tool for each businessman to promote and sell their products efficiently and effectively.