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2 Tricks to Minimize All the Documents at Once

How to minimize everything you have opened in desktop at once. This trick of minimizing all the opened documents at once can help you a lot when you are doing some secrete things and suddenly someone comes. In such cases you will lack of time, for such cases you need to do suddenly do something so that every things get minimized in pulse of a second.  Here is the video to help you out in such situations   this video will help you.

Method 1 : Using Mouse Only

To minimize everything at once simply you can click the desktop box – which you will find at the right bottom corner as a small rectangle. Just click that and see the magic everything will get minimized at once.

Method 2 : Using Keyboard Buttons

Next method – 2nd methods to minimize all the documents at once is using keyboard. Just press “Alt ” and “Tab” button together and keep on clicking tab one by one , at last you will get the desktop icon then leave tab and then leave (unpress) “Alt” button of your keyboard too. And again see the magic. Your all the documents which are opened will get automatically minimized at once.

I hope you like this trick to minimize the documents opened at once….go and now try once how does it work..

Here is the video tutorials to helps you in every step for minimizing your opened documents.


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